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Ann Demeulemeester founded her eponymous fashion label with long-term creative partner Patrick Robyn in 1985 and quickly became a key figure in redefining the voice of fashion internationally. In 2014 she stepped down from her fashion label and has since been exploring a variety of new formats, including sculpture and ceramics.

Since 2019 Demeulemeester has been collaborating with Serax to produce collections of porcelain, cutlery and glassware. This was followed by a range of lighting and luminous objects. In September 2022 they released a comprehensive furniture collection of stools, chairs, tables, consoles, seats and sofas in a variety of materials.

Ann Demeulemeester is known to represent an intelligent approach to design – rising above trends and instead offering a continually evolving world that is both deeply personal and profoundly relevant to its context – thanks to its integrity and fierce independence. In essence, Demeulemeester’s work continues to explore and celebrate contrasts – a beauty that is found in the interplay between strength and fragility, structure and nonchalance, poetic and radical, preciousness and functionality.