We are a conscious and ethical design brand with a strong design philosophy 

and great emphasis on craftsmanship. 

Through collaborations with 

an external base of established 

and fresh design talent, 

Mater combines exclusive high-end furniture and lighting, with working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment.


That has been our philosophy since 1942, when FDB Møbler was founded, with architect Børge Mogensen heading up the studio. Many new designers have since entered the fold, but the foundational principles remain the same: To create beautiful, functional and exceptionally crafted furniture that makes room for everyday living at home. And that can withstand everyday wear and tear to age gracefully with those who use them.


Since the founding of Pappelina in 1999, we have been devoted to create a world leading collection of exclusive plastic rugs. Over 20 years we have refined the production process whilst maintaining the human touch.

Our focus on developing new colours and patterns has elevated the classic Swedish plastic rug to a whole new level. Every Pappelina rug is proudly made in Sweden with passion, tradition, craftsmanship and love!


We are a furniture Design label, 

born in Lisbon, Portugal under the direction of Marco Sousa Santos.

Branca products illustrate how the most refined and long lasting pieces are often the result of a careful dialogue between design and craftsmanship. As a Design Editor, Branca values working with local producers that share its love for detail. 

The brand is based in Lisbon, inspired by the flair of the Atlantic ocean and brighten by the everlasting local white light.


Fornasarig, is a 4 generation family owned and operated company. Starting in 1878 Fornasarig has one of the longest history in the world of seating manufacturing. We produce a wide range of contemporary and innovative design seating for contract environments, dedicated to people aesthetic to Design. The products are supplied to: hotels, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, conventions rooms, university, banks, cruise ships, lounges, waiting rooms.





Grupa is a showcase of everything 

that inspire us as designers. 

Our products are distinguished by innovative design, minimalism, functionality and flexibility to one’s own choice. Each one is carefully assembled 

and reflect the highest level of craftsmanship.

Despite the pictures show indoor presentations, these table can be used outdoor