OVER THE COMING DAYS ….  VERSION 5 (15/05 - 15:00)      


Thank you for visiting the House Sale May 2024 webpage created by Peter. 

We hope to meet you at the event.

It contains general info and listings of goods presented during the events of May18 and 19.

If the reason of his sale remains unclear to you, do not hesitate to contact me (965 107 003 - WA)

The page has just been created and will be all the time upgraded with lots of new items. 

Even after the  weekend it will remain possible to buy goods thanks to much appreciated support of great friends

Thanks for supporting us and helping us out. 

Peter, Sintra, May 2024

General Info


saturday may 18 / 10:00-18:00

sunday may 19 / 11:00-20:00


Rua José Inacio Couto 13

2710-652 Casal da Granja (Sintra)

close to Vila Gale Sintra hotel

GPS 38,8333147, -9,4007447

Peter : 965 107 003 (WhatsApp)


Some can park on the grounds. 

If you park on the street, please remember the street is not wide and there is a regular bus service driving through.


I do some research to try to offer you correct buying prices.  

But please tell me if you want to negotiate a certain price tag.

Reservations & Pick-up

Goods can be «reserved» through a WA message or during the sales. 

Please note the reference.

Goods can be picked up later. Friends of us will stay in the house for a period after my departure to Mexico. Contact details will be communicated.


In advance or on the spot

bank info :

PT50 0018 0003 4312 3587 0203 0

Peter Gallet - Santander

MBWay : 965 107 003 (Peter Gallet)

Cash payments can be done - but please do not come with big notes (which does not mean you can buy for big amounts :-))


• For technical products: I will try to retrieve manuals or invoices

I only sell goods in working conditions;

• No original packaging - No gift wrapping.

• Prefer take out or pick up - in rare cases, shipments can be considered even to other countries ..

The fact this is a agreement between friends and the reason for selling should already give a certain reliable warranty.

Unhappy with a sale / just tell me

Searching your whole life for something particular … perhaps I have it (but had no time to include it in the listings)

Unsold goods will have to be stored - i will never have enough solid boxes …. These are always welcome. .… or exceptionally stored with you … ex-box, a kind of consignment awaiting our return to Europe.

I have much more items (than I have put in the website), I can sell, So, feel free to ask me if you have ever seen something in the house that could interest you … and I could consider selling it.