As agent for Portugal for fine Nordic design,
we offer a wide range of original and exclusive lighting, furniture and accessories brands.
These brands offer exclusive - often handmade - sustainable collections
and show high flexibility in adapting their collection towards your needs.
= to offer solutions for small residential realisations
as well as for medium and bigger sized projects (office - hospitality - public spaces).

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newsletter with focus on lighting*

*besides lighting we also offer collections of accessories and furniture.
Allow us to present these other brands & collections in a future mailing.
In the awaiting you can discover these other brands through our website.

We invite you to discover some of our finest design
from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and The Netherlands.



(*) humble is the most recent addition to our portfolio and not yet fully integrated in our website.
Stay tuned.

Combining wooden materials with the latest technology.

Tunto creates innovative lighting concepts that combine wooden materials
with the latest technology. In close cooperation with architects, lighting designers,
and interior designers, we develop solutions that respond to individual needs,
aiming to bring desired visions to life in any space or interior.

Made in Finland.
With our extensive knowledge in woodworking and
technical expertise in creating innovative lighting, we can help achieve the visibility
and functionality of any design. From initial ideas to practical
and sustainable implementations, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results.
Tradition leading to iconic collection pieces.

Reflection of a long design history.

LE KLINT lamps are developed in cooperation with architects and designers
who have great respect for our craftsmanship and traditions.
We do our best to continually modernise our designs in accordance
with today’s technologies and changing trends. The story of LE KLINT is
not merely the story of a company, but also a reflection of the history of
design and technology for more than one hundred years -
a century during which LE KLINT has evolved into today's
modern manufacturing company without compromising its integrity.

Handmade design made in Denmark.

Good craftsmanship and in-house production are two major cornerstones
of LE KLINT as a brand. Our world renowned quality lighting is the
result of techniques and tradition that has been handed down
from generation to generation,
which are still being carried out today by a broad team of highly skilled workers.

LE KLINT is synonymous with lampshades.
Our hand-folded iconic shades take years of learning specific techniques,
completing a qualifying process and mastering many different pleating forms,
before one is inducted, as part of the skilled team of Pleating Technicians.
This, however, is only a fraction of our product range procedure and the craftsmanship
that lies behind each lamp. Specialist metal workers and wood workers play
a big part in the magic, which has been going hand in hand
with the folding process, since the beginning.

A dedicated LE KLINT team takes great pride in every aspect of the production,
fitting, quality control and shipment procedures, to make sure each lamp is unique.
Our in-house production facilities in Odense collaborates with skilled suppliers
such as wood carvers, metal casters and glass blowers,
based in Denmark or internationally with the main focus on quality as “the” guideline.

Alluring lighting.

The name Oblure is a union between the words object and allure,
which is the core of the brand – to make alluring objects.
Oblure was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden with the desire
to make innovative products that add something new to the field of lighting.
With our roots in the Scandinavian design tradition we love the simplistic,
minimalistic and functional – but we wanted something more.
Therefore, we work with international designers with the aim to build a collection
with a lot of character and innovative elements that surprise
and intrigue the beholder. Our vision is to curate the original, bold and beautiful.



Founded in Copenhagen in 2006, Mater was created
to be the pioneering global brand with sustainability embedded in its core.

From the very beginning the ambition was to inspire a global design audience
and engage people into sustainable thinking. Mater combines sustainability
and circular production using waste, with timeless design,
through collaboration with an external base of well-established
and new design talents. Designed for both commercial and residential use, 
Mater strive to avoid and minimise any adverse impact on society, by following ethical
and sustainable production criteria and creating products that will both stand
the test of time and inspire the consumer to cherish and savour them.

Together we are committed.
After years of research for more sustainable ways to create furniture, lighting
and objects we now work with a range of production partners
with the same ambition as us, creating partnerships for change and supporting
the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Together we are committed to searching for new and better ways
of making beautiful design - in a responsible way.

“Mater means ‘mother’ in Latin.
The name is the daily reminder of our small contribution to preventing
the challenges ‘mother earth’ faces. Design influences how we as humans live our lives;
it shapes values, culture and society. Unfortunately, we are increasingly aware
that the choices made during design processes often have environmental consequences.
However, as a manufacturer, we have the opportunity to rethink dubious practices and create ethical
and sustainable design that minimises adverse social and environmental impacts.” 


Cordless. Everywhere.


Up to 140 hours of cord-free ambiance
We like to squeeze as many hours of light out of our little lamps as we can.
With heavy use, you therefore only need to recharge them once a week.

Dimmable mood light
For us, cosiness is our number one priority. That is why our lamps have a warm,
comforting colour temperature and are dimmable in 3 settings.

Waterproof IP65
Our lamps have silicone sealing seals and are IP65 certified.
This means you can leave them outside when the weather turns. Convenient, right?

Charge wirelessly
Humble lamps can also be charged wirelessly, just like a phone.
We even developed special chargers so you can easily charge them in groups.

Control from a distance

All lamps within a radius of 10 metres can be controlled simultaneously
with the Humble remote.
Our latest smart lamps can even be controlled with your phone.

Built for life

In the design process we took extra care to make all parts easily replaceable.
Accidents happen, but don’t worry.
We have spare parts in stock and will get them to you asap.

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